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Social Media:

Social media plays a vital role in the advancement of your business, but it is a constantly evolving industry. Keeping abreast of the latest trends can be challenging, yet it yields significant benefits. By staying current with the happenings on these platforms, you can effectively connect with your audience and drive growth for your business or personal brand. To gain insight into upcoming social media marketing trends or to stay competitive, continue reading to explore the current trends in the field.

1. User-Generated Content

Authenticity in brand representation has become a crucial aspect of social media marketing. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to the authenticity of a company when making purchasing decisions. Surveys indicate that a majority of marketers (83%) consider authenticity to be vital for a brand’s success, and according to 79% of buyers, user-generated content significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

User-generated content (UGC) is a valuable tool for promoting brand authenticity, as it is created by customers who have firsthand experience with a product or service. This type of content provides valuable feedback and insights, which can be used to improve the product or service. Additionally, UGC can foster an emotional connection with customers, as it allows them to see the real-life experiences of other users.

Creating an emotional connection with customers is crucial for building brand loyalty and advocacy. Research shows that an emotional connection with a brand increases the likelihood of a customer recommending the business by 71%. UGC is a powerful tool for achieving this goal, and should be considered as a key element in any social media marketing strategy.

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Given that a majority of consumers rely on recommendations and reviews from current clients, it is clear why many companies opt for user-generated content. This approach is a rising trend and is expected to continue as a prominent feature in social media in 2023. Implementing user-generated content can significantly enhance the perception of your brand.

DIGI TIP: ONE professional way to increase engagement and interest in your message is to actively involve your audience and make them an integral part of the conversation

  • To effectively engage and captivate your audience, it is essential to incorporate their participation and input into your communications.
  • Consumers desire to have a voice and be acknowledged, therefore, implementing strategies such as:
  • Hosting contests and promotions
  • Offering incentives for reviews and social media engagement
  • Showcasing customer success stories and testimonials
  • Conducting Q&A sessions
  • These strategies can effectively generate user-generated content and foster a sense of community among your target market.

2. Influencer Marketing

It is projected that influencer marketing will continue to be a prevalent trend in the social media landscape in 2023. This approach involves utilizing the influence of social media personalities to promote a brand or product. The reasoning behind this trend is that individuals tend to place more trust in the opinions of other consumers rather than in the messaging of the brand itself. Through partnering with influencers who produce engaging and unique content, companies can effectively promote their products and see a significant return on investment compared to traditional internet marketing methods. In fact, research has shown that the ROI for influencer marketing is 11 times higher than other techniques. As such, it is crucial for businesses to consider incorporating influencer marketing into their social media strategy for the growth of both their online presence and overall company.

Consider implementing the following strategies for successful influencer marketing::

  • Know what you want: It is important to have a clear understanding of your objectives before engaging with an influencer. Establishing your desired outcome, whether it be increasing brand awareness, driving sales, generating conversions, or achieving a specific number of impressions or likes, will ensure that both parties are aligned in their expectations before proceeding with any agreements or contract negotiations.
  • Set a budget: Regardless of the size of your budget, allocate a portion specifically for influencer marketing efforts.
  • Create authentic content: It is important to note that producing genuine content will foster trust between clients and the influencer, leading to increased likelihood of product purchases. Authenticity is crucial when it comes to reviews and recommendations, as individuals are more likely to heed the advice of credible sources. Conversely, creating disingenuous content can negatively impact customer relationships and harm the influencer’s reputation.

3. Short Videos and Social Audio

The utilization of video content on social media platforms has seen a significant increase in popularity, with the emergence of short-form videos as a leading trend. This trend can be attributed to the widespread use of TikTok, which has revolutionized the way in which individuals consume video content. As a result, other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram Reels, and Facebook have begun to prioritize video content over traditional image-based posts. Additionally, the popularity of live videos has also seen a significant uptick in recent times, particularly in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

DIGI-TIP: When promoting an event, sharing updates, making announcements, or showcasing products, utilizing live video is an effective strategy.

The live shopping trend is experiencing significant growth, with live streams providing an opportunity to engage buyers and promote products. This approach is effective in fostering customer relationships and allowing users to view products in real-time. However, another trend that is gaining momentum and should not be overlooked is social media audio content. We anticipate a significant increase in the use of social audio in the coming year, including live audio meetings, voice messages, and real-time broadcasting of events. For example, Facebook is introducing a feature for voice messaging, enabling users to share stories using their voice instead of appearing on camera. Similarly, Instagram is now allowing users to share stories with their favorite songs from Spotify.

4. Paid Advertising

The fourth trend in the increasing use of social media is the utilization of social media advertising. In 2021, global revenue generated from social media advertisements reached $153 billion, and it is projected that this figure will exceed $252 billion by 2026. This market represents the second largest sector in digital advertising. Research indicates that 49% of users make purchases after viewing products advertised on social media. Consequently, it can be anticipated that the popularity of social media advertising will continue to grow in 2023.

Utilizing social media advertising services allows for precision targeting of potential customers through relevant advertisements, thus increasing the reach to individuals who are interested in your products or services. Various forms of social media advertisements are available, including post-carousel ads and video ads. It is projected that a significant portion of social media advertising spending will be directed towards Instagram, as video and visual content are currently popular trends on social media platforms.

Furthermore, increased advertising and content marketing efforts will be implemented on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook, as these platforms are deemed to be highly effective in achieving business objectives.

We explored four of the most widely predicted social media trends for the year 2023. Our objective is to provide valuable information and insights to assist in elevating your social media presence. We suggest revisiting these trends as a reference point in your endeavors to optimize your online presence.