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With the advancement of Science and Technology since the invention of “wheel” mankind has thrown anchor at the objects floating in the space and have plunged into the deepest seas, Science has pulled together the whole world into a global village with information and news traveling with the speed of light and making access to communication easier and faster.

One way in which we communicate and process information is Social Media Network.

Social media are communal technologies that help the masses in communicating, sharing, transmitting the ideas, creations and other interests through online communities or sharing networking systems. Now, the whole world and its data are a single touch away from you. With every invention and its merits comes the disadvantages too. There are many who are head over heels for the benefits of Social networking and there are others who can’t even stand it because of the consequences and impacts.

Lets dive into some of the basic facts we should understand about social media


With the passage of time and in accordance with the human nature that fantasizes change, social media platforms have gained and lost fame and popularity like Friendster, Digg, MSN chatrooms etc. nowadays, most famous and attractive platforms include the names of following:

  • Facebook with 2.98 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram with 1 billion monthly active users
  • Snapchat with 265 million daily active users
  • Twitter 450 million monthly active users
  • Pinterest 59 million monthly active users


Social media has unlimited advantages. Some of them are summarized for you.

  • It gives quick and easy access to help and in gaining information rapidly on a single click.
  • It not only has wider advertising range but it has greater scope for communication too.
  • It helps people in building their brand and driving targeted audience with right content.
  • It is a fun and entertaining tool.
  • Social media can boost individual’s self esteem and gives podium for your creative ideas.


Social media has promoted online marketing to a new level, advertisement and building brands are now way too fast and quick. It has given access to interact with customers, in promotion of services and products, creating community around the brand and gauging the right audience or traffic resulting in the boost of sales. It not only increases the website traffic but also promote the content and ideas.

Increasing awareness about brands

83 percent Instagram Users say that they got to know or discover new stuff on the platform, it enhances the awareness and drives the traffic on the page and also makes brands reputable and famous.

Humanizing the brand

Introducing the followers and customers to people who make up your company build trust and promotes authenticity. Enabling the people to be in touch creates meaningful relationship between you and the customer.


The rise of social media has given birth to new type of entrepreneurship for those who are interested in new and exciting opportunities and in investments. Digital marketing has provided people with ease and remote jobs.


  • Social media advertising is growing at the fast pace and it is here to stay. Facebook or Instagram advertisements gives leverage to display and promote your brands.
  • It helps in finding audience, enhancing inbound traffic and creating communication.
  • It increases search engine optimization as the brand gets higher chances to be found through web searches and increases the conversion rates.

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