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Search Engine Optimization:

Imagine you click on a website link and found it nicely done, its on page, off page and technical aspects are very creatively done but the articles and blog (the website content) are very typical. So, an SEO executive is needed to work on this aspect of the website to make it exemplary and in order to enhance the content quality.

An SEO is categorized into five strategic divisions:

  • On page aspects
  • Off page aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Content
  • Local SEO

These five integral divisions are needed to be carefully planned and map out and by managing a broad and extensive SEO audit, a clear picture will be displayed about which aspects of the website are to be prioritized and which can be set aside for some time. It helps in identifying the aspects which are of prime concern.

It is important to plan for SEO campaigns as it will help you in prioritizing and mapping out the outline and will bring the weaknesses, strengths of the website to light. It will also help you in understanding and improving the shortcomings of the website.

Below is the in-depth description of the strategies of SEO which play key role in website development.


On page SEO basically revolves around the element optimization of the website, the stronger the on-page SEO is the higher the chances of the better rankings in the search engines. GOOGLE has pre-set guide for all the elements of SEO and one cannot be over or under in following the set criteria or else it results in the penalty.

The checklist or the criteria for on page SEO includes;

  • Title Tags which should be less than 65 characters and paints accurate description of the page, should be 100% original with no plagiarism.
  • Meta Descriptions, an ideal meta description has less than 160 characters, should be easily understandable with clear CTA.
  • Keywords should be embedded naturally and in accordance with the pre-set density of the GOOGLE. In a blog of 1000 words, only 2% keyword density is expected.
  • Internal Links must be relevant and in appropriate numbers.
  • URLs, an accepted URL consists of 50-60 characters, is short-sweet but descriptive and is separated hyphens.
  • Mobile Friendliness, a mobile responsive website must have context friendly keyboard, is usually of fast loading speed with clear CTA.


Off page SEO usually aids in maintaining and evolving the administrative authority status. There are multiple ways to do so. It is always recommended to use the white hat tactics in order to follow the ethical considerations as they produce results in long run too and are more durable.


Ideal practices to build backlinks are –

  • Guest posting
  • Profile creation
  • Social Bookmarking 
  • Classifieds
  • Forum Submission
  • Infographics submission
  • Quora posting
  • GBP profile
  • Press releases
  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Web 2.0 submission

To understand in detail the criteria set by GOOGLE for off-page aspects, here are some do’s and don’ts that need to be kept in mind before efforts;

Guest Posting

Provision of high quality content and selection of site which caters the targeted audience. Don’t publish on low quality sites and don’t provide AI written content. Avoid using the anchor-based text like: read more, know more.

Profile Creation

Always post genuine details about the company. Avoid building or creating profiles on spammy sites.

Business Listing

Usage of appropriate and exact name of the business. Don’t chose or select spammy sites for listing of business.

Web 2.0 Submission

Update the content and material regularly. Avoid usage of thin content.


Select an appropriate website. Don’t duplicate the content.


Give clear description about the product entailing relevant information. Avoid usage of irrelevant pictures or data.

Infographic Submission

Must be highly informative. Don’t go with low content.


Powerful social media involvements include:

  • Informative post creation 
  • Trending reel creation 
  • Quiz
  • Regular story posting
  • Inviting individual perspectives 
  • Organizing giveaway contests
  • Generating short & sweet captions
  • Incorporating relevant hashtags
  • Relevant tagging
  • Giving credits


    Due to the budding interest of people toward the local brands and business as they prefer buying and dealing with local business set ups, it has given rise to the concept of local SEO and because of this sole reasons keywords like “-abc near me” have gained a lot of popularity. The value of local SEO is often ignored. For example: if you are craving for a juicy burger at midnight, you are more likely to search for burger points near me instead of burger point in my city or in my country.

This optimization not only saves you your time but also gives you adequate results because searching burger point in my city or country would yield limitless data and “near me” suffix would save you from this chaos.

GOOGLE expects a local SEO to not only collect customer reviews but also build social and local listings.

COLLECTION OF REVIEWS Could be done by sending an email to the targeted audience or verbally requesting them to submit it.
BUILD NAP CITATION Always offer complete NAP information and update it timely.
LOCAL LISTING By using local websites or yellow pages.


Concisely, properly curated SEO strategy is essential in developing ang managing any new project in order to enhance viewership which can be done by neatly organizing and planning the SEO audit prior to the effort. Google has set details and descriptions related to the strategies and elements. Ethical practice should be promoted and black hat tactics should be avoided in order to gain durable success and increase in targeted traffic.

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