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A friend of mine wanted to build his website for his photography content but he was stuck in selection of an appropriate website builder because the sea of different developers available were haunting him because a multitude can create chaos and become a hurdle in mapping out a plan and deciding so here is a list of some top website developers with characteristics and pricing packages to ease up this conflict.

Each website builder includes SEO tools, mobile optimization, drag and drop editors and multiple other features. Some top website builders include:

WIX Website Builder

WIX offers a great deal of various features like,

  1. Drag and drop editor (for creating unique website designs).
  2. Templates (a wide range of templates to choose from)
  3. It offers mobile optimization, has built in SEO kit for optimization.
  4. It provides customers with 24\7 support via email or phone.
  5. It monitors and analyzes the traffic too.

The pricing package WIX offers is,

GATOR Website Builder

GATOR Website Builder has a

  1. very easy and quick access drag and drop editor along with creatively designed templates.
  2. It is mobile friendly and also offers built in tools for optimization.
  3. GATOR offers a wide range of stock images and a free domain is offered with premium plans.
  4. Phone support, email and chat is available throughout the day.
  5.  For secure website browsing it has free SSL certificate included in the package.

The package it offers is following,

DUDA Website Builder

DUDA brings about,

  1. A very responsive website design which quickly adjusts to any screen. Moreover, it offers team collaboration option too.
  2. It promotes built in e-commerce along with specific tools to generate custom reports and client management.
  3. 24\7 support is also available to provide customer care.
  4. Website migration is quick and it easily transfers the content from another platform.
  5. It allows individuals to build website in multiple languages to grasp the attention of international traffic.

The package is below,

BLUEHOST Website Developer

  1. To some extent, it is easy to use and also free of cost and has a large number of creative templates to choose from.
  2. It offers mobile optimization and also built in SSL certificate.
  3. Individuals can easily create an online store and also easy website links for promotion.
  4. It offers free advertising credits for Bing, GOOGLE and others.
  5. 24\7 customer support is provided.

The pricing plan is as follows,

GODADDY Website Builder

  1. It entails easy drop down editor for web designs along with different templates to select from.
  2. It offers not only mobile optimization but also built in SEO tools for search engine rankings.
  3. It provides the customer with email marketing tools, e-commerce integration and social media integration.
  4. 24\7 customer support is provided along with the free SSL certificate.
  5. Customers can also schedule the appointments.

The package includes,


To sum up, multiple web builders are being offered on the internet with variety of different features and pricing plan. Although, they share multiple common features like customer support, drag and drop editors, seamless mobile view, built in SEO tools, free SSL certificate and a wide range of templates they differ upon the customer’s need and affordability. They can select what works best for them and their website.

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